(Volunteering – updated 2023)

Anyone can volunteer – Employees, Freelancers and Contractors too. 

All types of organisations in (and outside of) the UK regularly need volunteers, and you can provide much-needed specialised skills.

You may be short-on time and/or short-on income and not at all inclined to provide your help for free.  However, there are many positive benefits – you may be able to provide help to organisations that focus on issues you feel strongly about, and/or help your community; and by volunteering you will provide professional input to the organisation and may gain new contacts for future paid work, gain new skills and also produce useful showcase examples of your work.

You can give as much of your time as you wish (‘micro-volunteering’ is now a thing!), often work online/at home, and often need to make no long-term commitment.

In UK employment law there are three main ways of being employed (i.e. paid for work) as an individual – as a worker, an employee and a freelancer (self-employed/sole trader/contractor).

However, there are also two unpaid categories – Volunteer and Voluntary Worker.

We need to start by defining what a ‘worker’ is as this is key to the legal definition of a Volunteer and a Voluntary Worker.

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