The Employment Documents your Business needs to provide

With a large of amount of employment legislation in the UK, Employers need to provide their staff with certain documents to stay within the law (updated February 2020):

  • A Contract of Employment (or a written Statement of Terms and Conditions) for Employees – this must be provided, legally (from 6th April 2020) on or before their first day of work, and must contain certain details. From May 2018 you also need to provide them with a GDPR compliant Privacy Notice.    You can read the details of the April 2020 requirements here, as these are significant changes to the current position.
  • From 6th April 2020 all new Workers will need a written Statement of Terms and Conditions on or before their first day of work details of the new requirements are here.   We are experienced at providing zero hours contracts to suit your business.
  • And ideally a contract for the Freelancers /Limited Company Contractors you employ, so the main terms of their engagement and the reasons for their engagement are clear and there is no ambiguity in terms of employment ‘status’ (including IR35 if appropriate), pay, length of contract, notice periods, ability to terminate the engagement early.

However, firstly, you need to be sure of the employment ‘status’ of the people you employ, to ensure you provide them with what they should have – read our detailed article about employment status and employment documents here

The HR Kiosk can help you with these documents – we can either:

  • provide the ‘basic’ set of documents you need for your first Employee or Workers (see details below), or
  • review and update any existing documents you have and advise you what you must have (and what is ideal to have), – from 6th April 2020 most contracts/statements of employment will need to be revised; or
  • We can also help TV Production Companies with the employment policies the BBC requires when you Tender for programmes.
  • or provide the contracts or agreements you need for Freelancers and Workers, including legally compliant zero-hours contracts.

Our ‘first documents’ package for employees priced from £650 plus VAT includes:

  • a job offer letter (which can be used for all employees). From May 2018 we will provide a GDPR compliant Privacy Notice for Job Applicants and review your application processes to ensure they are GDPR compliant.
  • a contract of employment/Statement of Employment Terms and Conditions, compatible with the requirements from 6.4.20   (that can be used for all employees). From May 2018 this includes a seperate GDPR compliant Staff Privacy Notice.
  • a Company Handbook personalised to your own business with the basic policies and procedures that you need. With approximately 70 pages, depending on your needs. From May 2018 this includes a GDPR compliant Data Protection Policy. (If you require additional Policies that are not included as standard there may be an additional charge to write these policies for you).
  • For TV/Film Production Companies we can include additional Contributor and/or Talent/Voice-Over Artist Privacy Notices (and anything else you need to be GDPR compliant).

Or we can provide you with a personalised ‘first’ Company Handbook for £500 plus VAT, which is updated for GDPR and comes with a Staff Privacy Notice.

Or for £175 plus VAT, we can provide you with a standard employee contract (written statement of terms, updated with the 6.4.20 requirements), or a casual worker or zero-hours contract (updated with the 6.4.20 requirements), or a freelance contract.  This price includes a GDPR Compliant Staff Privacy Notice.

We are happy to send you the Index pages of our Standard Company Handbook so you can see what you will receive before purchasing, just let us know!.

Contact us to purchase any package or if you have any questions. Payment must usually be made in advance.

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