How The HR Kiosk can help You

How can we help You? We offer low-cost, practical, effective advice and solutions tailored to meet the demands of your business, when you need help. However, please be aware that in 2023 it is unlikely we can take on new clients.

Most likely your staff work well on a day to day basis but there will be times, often unforeseen, when you may face complex staffing issues that need to be handled carefully and within the law, that will take up a lot of your time and resources.

Or, you may be about to employ your first member of staff and have no idea where to start and what your obligations are, or what documentation you need to provide them – read more here.

Talk to the HR Kiosk – we can help employers in the Creative Industries with:

  • Legal compliance – Working Time Regulations, National Minimum/Living Wage, Contracts of Employments, SSP, Redundancies and Dismissals, how the GDPR affects your relationship with your staff and keeping their records. And of course all elements of employing staff through the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Taking on your first Employee – Employee Status (are they a worker, employee or freelance?); help with Recruitment (Job Adverts, Job descriptions, to ensure you stay within Equality Laws and GDPR); making job offers; checking employees’ right to work in the UK; employee rights and benefits.
  • Working with Freelancers and Contractors – with our TV/Radio/Media background we have extensive knowledge in this area and can provide advice about IR35 and provide Contracts and Agreements for Freelancers, Casual Workers and appropriate Zero-Hours Contracts – read more here. Read our advice on how to attract and work with Freelancers here.
  • Terms and conditions, all types of Contracts and Agreements, Employee Handbooks, Policies and Procedures (and we will advise you what policies/procedures you must have legally).
  • Keeping you up to date with important employment law changes.
  • Redundancy procedures, consultation and implementation; changing terms and conditions; ending contracts.
  • Guidance on maternity, adoption, paternity, flexible working requests.
  • Managing performance, attendance and sickness (including entitlement to SSP for casual/zero-hours workers).
  • Managing and handling conflicts, bullying and harassment, grievances and disciplinaries.  In 2021, Respect at Work is currently a big topic in the TV and Film Industries.
  • Managing employees out of your workforce through a Settlement Agreement.

The Human Resources Consultancy service for SME's

How The HR Kiosk can help You – The HR Kiosk offers you the following solutions:

  • Employee documents

    that are tailored to your business needs. From £140 plus VAT. See more details here. Or

  • An hourly rate service

    when you need advice or help, on a pay-as-you-go basis, via e-mail or phone.