How much will a HR Consultancy Service cost me?

How much will a HR Consultancy Service cost me? Below is a guide to The HR Kiosk’s services and standard rates.

Service 1.  New Documents for your employees (and/or casual workers or Freelancers):

(if you have an existing Company Handbook, contracts or policies that need reviewing or updating to ensure legal compliance and to suit your changing business needs, then please ask us for a quote).

1a. One Employee Contract (a Written Statement of Terms and Conditions) plus a GDPR compliant Staff Privacy Notice – £140 plus VAT.

Casual Workers Contracts, Zero Hours Contracts, Freelancers Contracts and Limited Company Contractors Contracts (TV Loan Out’s) also available for this price – talk to us about what you need! Or

1b. Personalised Company Handbook – from £350 plus VAT.

With all the policies/procedures you need, tailored to your business. A minimum of 70 pages (depending on your requirements). From May 2018 this will include a GDPR compliant Data Protection Policy. Or

1c. Full Staff Documents Package – from £650 plus VAT (dependant on your requirements).

This includes:

  • a GDPR compliant Job Applicant Privacy Notice and a review of your recruitment processes to ensure they are GDPR and equality compliant, a job offer letter,
  • help with completing a GDPR ‘Data Map’ (to identify the staff data you keep and where) and a Data Processing Agreement (an obligatory document, between you and us),
  • an Employee Contract and GDPR compliant Staff Privacy Notice (compatible with Section 1 Statement changes required from 6th April 2020),
  • an Employee Handbook with a GDPR compliant Data Protection Policy that is personalised to your business and legally compliant.
  • For TV/Film Production Companies, we can also provide GDPR compliant Contributor and/or Talent/Voice-over Artist Privacy Notices, and anything else you need to be GDPR compliant.  We can also provide Respect at Work policies and advice on bullying and harassment.

Payments for all documents are usually taken in advance and you can pay for these options using the Paypal button below, or we can invoice you directly, or you can make payment via Paym on your mobile banking app:


Service 2. Hourly Rate:The Human Resources Consultancy service for SME's


– From £75 per hour plus VAT (pro-rata’d).

What you Get:

Advice, via e-mail or phone, on a pay as you go and remote basis.

Service 3. Retained Annual HR Support:How much will a HR Consultancy Service cost me

How much will a HR Consultancy Service cost me?

From £72 per hour depending on the amount of time you need. Giving you expert practical advice and ensuring support is on hand for your business.

The retained packages include:

  • an initial legal compliance ‘health-check’ of your existing documents and processes and advice on what needs updating; help with completing a Data Map to show your compliance with GDPR;
  • access to a HR helpline by phone and e-mail with your advice provided on a priority basis;
  • legal updates and regular reviews.

The helpline is available between 9.30am–5.00pm Monday-Friday, offering full, practical advice, by the next business day, if possible.

Retained packages are available from 2 hours per month.

For example:

  • 3a. Copper. £1,728 p.a. plus VAT (£72 per hour). 24 hours support per annum (equivalent to 2 hours per month). Suitable for 1-10 employees.
  • 3b. Silver. £3,360 p.a. plus VAT (£70 per hour). 48 hours support per annum (equivalent to 4 hours per month). Suitable for 10-20 employees.
  • 3c. Gold. £6,528 p.a. plus VAT (£68 per hour). 96 hours support per annum (equivalent to 8 hours per month). Suitable for 20-30 employees.

More information about Retained Annual packages:

How much will a HR Consultancy Service cost me

The above are examples – if you require a different amount of retained hours please let us know.

The ‘retained’ amount (e.g. £3,360) is payable prior to the start of the annual contract (although we may agree to invoice you on a 3 monthly or other basis).

If you purchase a retained package but find you need a small amount of extra time occasionally (help with a project or employment policies/documents) then additional time is at the normal pro-rata’d hourly rate for your package (plus VAT) and will be invoiced monthly in arrears.

We generally don’t offer Site visits, as we work remotely by phone and e-mail.

Other Information about Fees:

Pay-as-you-go work will be invoiced on the 1st of the month following the month the work was done. Our normal terms are full payment within 30 days of the invoice, but we may choose to amend this to less days. Late paying Clients will be charged Statutory Late Payment Interest and any necessary Debt Collection Fees.

If you become our Client we will ask you to sign a Data Processing Agreement, to demonstrate GDPR compliance.

All employee documentation that we provide will need updating as and when employment legislation changes to ensure your continued legal compliance. We will advise you when these changes need to be made and amendments will be made at your normal hourly rate.

An Out-of-hours and a weekend/bank holiday service are generally not available.

Our initial discussion is no-obligation, so contact us today to see if we can help you – by e-mail (click here) or by using the form below – and we will arrange a suitable time to call you back to discuss if and how we can work together.  Please note though that we do not always have the capacity to take on new clients.

How much will a HR Consultancy Service cost me?