Zero Hours Contracts
If you need help with Zero Hours Contracts please let us know – we are experienced at drafting appropriate and legal zero hours contracts (or reviewing the existing contracts you have), and advising you on the rights and benefits zero hours workers have (including entitlement to holiday pay and SSP and how you calculate this)…

If you employ someone on a Zero-Hour contract they will usually be a Worker if employed (some zero-hours contracts can be full employee contracts, although this is more unusual). A Worker is a broader category than an ‘employee’, introduced by European Union legislation (although there is no EU definition). A worker is anyone who works for an employer under a contract of employment (but this may be a written contract or not and the contract may not come directly from the Employer) and performs the work personally (which can include some freelancers).

What are zero-hour contracts?

  • They are contracts that give businesses a high degree of flexibility as they give no guarantee to the individual worker of a minimum number of working hours, so the individual worker can be used as and when required, and is only paid for the hours they work.
  • The worker will not obtain ‘employee’ status generally, and will not build up any continuity of service (if the contract is appropriately written and accurately reflects the relationship between the employer and the worker).

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