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Whatever your employment status, whether you are an employee, worker or freelancer/contractor, you have employment rights at work that are protected by law. In our article here there is a comprehensive summary of what rights you are entitled to plus links to articles that cover each in detail.

Here is a guide to the main legislative changes and significant events which have shaped and formed UK employment law, from Lawyers Morton Fraser. Starting in the 19th century, they follow the developments throughout the decades arriving at the Modern Slavery Act, introduced in 2015. This list is not intended to be exhaustive but it provides an interesting historical context to show how we have arrived at where we are today in terms of modern employment legislation.

What to do if you have a dispute with your Employer about any of the Employment Rights listed?

  • Try to resolve the problem first by talking to your manager or Personnel/Human Resources department if you have one. Your organisation should have its own Grievance Procedure that if you are an employee you should have access to.
  • Talk to your Trade Union or Employee Representative if you have one.
  • Your local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) offer free and impartial advice on employment matters
  • ACAS (the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) offer free, confidential advice on all employment rights issues. Their helpline is 08457 474747, or their website is http://www.acas.org.uk.
  • If you cannot resolve the matter you may be able to make a claim at an employment tribunal – but this must be within three months of the dispute. The Employment Tribunal Service enquiry line is 08457 959775, or their website is www.employmenttribunals.gov.uk


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