statutory leave

Statutory Leave Pay Rates from 4th April 2021 –

The Government recently announced the proposed annual increases to Statutory Leave Pay, from 4th April 2021, for:

Increases to the Real Living Wage –

In November 2020 the ‘Real’ Living Wage (voluntary) rose to £9.50 outside London and £10.85 within London.

Over 800 more employers have the joined the Living Wage Foundation since the start of the first COVID lockdown in March 2020.

National Minimum Wage rises from 6th April 2021 –

The Government has announced the annual increases in the national minimum wage.  The new rates will be:

  • For workers aged 23 and over the national living wage rate will rise to £8.91 (up from £8.72)
  • For workers aged 21 to 22 the rate will rise to £8.36 (from £8.20)
  • For workers aged 18 to 20 the rate will rise to £6.56 (from £6.45)
  • For workers aged 16 to 17 the rate will rise to £4.62 (from £4.55)
  • The Apprentice rate will rise to £4.30 (from £4.15)

The highest rate is currently (until 4th April 2021) only available to workers aged 25 and over, so younger workers will be brought into this top rate from 6th April 2021.