say thank you

Say thank you!

Financial rewards may seem an obvious way to motivate your staff/freelancers but apparently they don’t work in the long term – you might just need to say thank you!

While financial incentives are good at attracting staff to your Company, they may not be so good to motivate staff or make them want to stay with you. So, we look at simple and effective ways to motivate your staff here.

In a recent survey by recruitment website, taken by 2000 workers and 500 employers/managers, more than 58% of British workers don’t believe they are thanked enough at work.

Is that surprising? 54% said this made them feel unappreciated and 41% said they felt demotivated as a result of this.

While 75% of Employers recognised that failing to say thank you to employees had a negative effect on staff motivation at work, 41% of the Employers said they realised their staff weren’t thanked enough! And 93% of bosses realise that manners are a vital part of the working environment.

Asked to put a value on compensation for not being thanked, on average employees would want to be paid an extra £1,608 per year, if they receive no thanks! Saying thanks is a cheaper way of keeping your staff (and keeping them happy) it appears!