employment can come to an end

There are various ways your Employment can come to an end – but if you are an Employee you have the right not to be unfairly dismissed.Β  We look at all the different ways your employment can end in our article here.

Includes…. Fixed Term Contracts

Where you are employed on a Fixed Term contract your written statement should state the date the contract is expected to end. Generally your employer does not have to give you notice of this expiry date.

However your employer may be able to terminate your contract before it’s nominated end date, if this is written into your contract, by giving the appropriate notice period (as in point 1. above).

If you do not have a notice period in your Fixed Term contract and it is ended early, this may be a breach of contract and you may be able to claim damages.

If your Fixed Term contracts ends on its expiry date and is not renewed, or you are given notice to end it early, and you have one years continuous service with your employer, you are entitled to ask for a written statement from your employer explaining the reasons for your contract ending (or 2 years if your employment started on or after 6th April 2012).

If you are unhappy about this you should have the right to ask for an appeal under your employers dismissal procedure.

For more details about Fixed Term Contracts ending please see our new article on Fixed Term Contracts here. And for details about being employed on a Fixed Term contract during maternity leave please see here.

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