Apprenticeship schemes are often in the news (and not always for the right reasons), so we’ve had a look at what they are about and where you can find out more details about taking on an apprentice. Updated September 2023.apprentice

Many UK businesses consider skills shortages and recruitment difficulties a big problem. Apprenticeships can be an answer as they offer work-based training programmes to employees that lead to nationally recognised qualifications. We look at all the details you need to know here.

Apprenticeship schemes can ensure companies have the right practical skills and qualifications in their workforce and ensure the company keeps up to date with the latest technology and practices. The apprentices themselves tend to be more motivated and loyal to the company that has invested in them, as they have made a choice to learn about a specific job at work.

Information for employers

The article goes onto discuss relevant employment law, contracts, funding and the Apprenticeship Levy.