financial support

The Film and TV Charity offer financial support and are concerned about the potential impact of coronavirus on people working in film, TV and cinema, particularly in relation to freelance workers and those on limited hours contracts.

The NHS website is being updated regularly with advice on how to protect yourself and keep well.

Their Film and TV Support Line is always there for you, 24/7, helping you to manage issues big and small, on 0800 054 00 00 and live-chat. If the current situation is having an impact on you, why not give them a call to see if they can help.

Their friendly team can offer a listening ear and help you to think through your options. They also offer support grants and financial support to help if you’re experiencing significant financial difficulties.

Support Grants: for immediate help

If you’re facing unexpected costs or a short-term financial shortfall, they can offer financial support with one-off grants. You’ll need at least 2 years’ (proven) professional experience in the UK film, TV and cinema industry to apply.

The financial support grants tend to be between £200- £800 (occasionally higher). They could cover things like your general living costs for up to three months in periods of underemployment, or pressing needs like rent arrears or other debts. It could even be essential white goods, urgent repairs or medical costs.