overseas business

overseas businessIf you secure, or are trying to secure, overseas business, what do you need to consider when sending your contractors, your employees, or even just yourself abroad?

Clearly some countries have travel risks and many have business travel customs that you need to know about, so how do you prepare for your employees to have a safe and smooth trip (and bring back the business)?

The first step is to ensure your employee is able to travel on overseas business. Then there are more serious things to consider. In a study by Kelton Global for the Holiday Inn chain in March/April 2016 (the Small Business Traveller Study), it was found, unsurprisingly, that small companies find arranging business travel more time consuming and expensive than larger companies.

We look at what you need to know in our article here.

Although this article is clearly out of date because of Brexit and the UK’s new Immigration policies!  You can read more about current Immigration Rules here.

From 1 January 2021, the freedom of people to move between the UK and EU countries will end and the UK will introduce a new immigration system that will treat all applicants equally, regardless of what country they come from (except Irish citizens who are exempt from immigration rules, due to the pre-existing Common Travel Area arrangements).