At the end of November 2018 the Government launched a voluntary framework for Employers to record their disabled work-force, in what is seen as a possible move towards mandatory disability pay gap reporting in the future. Disability Pay Gap

(You can read about Gender Pay Gap Reporting, Executive Pay Gap Reporting and Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting here).

The Government has urged Employers to report on the numbers of disabled people they employ and what steps they are taking to help recruit and retain disabled people. You can see the voluntary framework guidance here.

The framework is intended to support employers to voluntarily report on disability, mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.  It is aimed at organisations with over 250 employees, but can be used by employers of any size.

The framework also sets out:

  • the benefits of increased transparency in the workplace
  • guidance on how data can be collected, and where it can be reported
  • links to further support