Updated 2017.

Employment Tribunal judgments are rarely made freely available to the public, however The Ministry of Justice launched a new online database in February 2017, which you can access here, meaning that in future, employment tribunal decisions from England, Scotland and Wales will be easily searchable.

At present, the database only contains about 150 decisions dating back to 2015. However, it is expected that all decisions will be added in the future. Concerns have been raised about the effect of the new system – employers who have lost or settled claims will find that information is easily available for anyone to see, and database searches could become part of some employers’ and recruiters recruitment and screening processes….. Employers are warned against using the database for this in case they risk claims for compensation because of discrimination, victimisation, whistle-blowing or black-listing.

Employment Appeal Tribunal judgments have been available online for years – The higher courts and the Employment Appeal Tribunal usually have details published on the BAILII website.

In the past the only way you could access information about Employment Tribunal judgements was to contact the Employment Tribunals service in Bury St Edmunds:

Judgment Register
Triton House
St Andrew’s Street (N)
Bury St Edmunds
IP33 1TR

New number: 01284 762171 (fax 01264 347 890)

Open 9am to 5pm [phone lines close at 5 on the dot!]


To obtain judgments: Judgments are £10 each, with each additional one requested in same order being £5. Send order and cheque made payable to HMCTS to address above. There is no charge if there have been no written reasons given in the judgment.

Information to include: case number (desirable, not essential); parties; tribunal office where case was heard (desirable, not essential); your fax no; your telephone number. Faxed copies are available but these are only sent out once payment received. Copies of judgments are free if you are advisers to the one of the parties.