Freelancers and contractors will generally have no legal right to reinstatement if their Client terminates or chooses not to renew their contract.

However, you may be due a paid notice period from your client if they end the contract early, or a sum of money may be owed to you on early termination as compensation – we look at what rights you have in our article here, including information about:

  • Contracts & agreements
  • Notice periods
  • Unfair Dismissal Rights
  • Breach of Contract

As a genuine freelancer you have few employment rights and Unfair Dismissal is certainly not one of them. As a freelancer / contractor you have these rights:

  • You should not be Discriminated against in the workplace in most cases, and if you are could make an claim to an Employment Tribunal. This protection only applies to Freelancers who fall under Part 5 of the Equality Act 2010 – that is those who are described as ‘contract workers’ and are contracted personally to do the work (i.e. you cannot claim discrimination against your employer if you are contracted for the provision of services and hire someone else, or sub-contract someone else, to do the work – you must do the work yourself personally).
  • You are entitled to a safe and healthy working environment – see
  • You should be paid for the work that you have done and receive any expenses you have incurred and are due
  • If you are paid late you have rights to add interest to your outstanding payments under the Late Payment Regulations
  • You may also be entitled to Statutory Maternity Allowance if you are pregnant and have recently left an engagement
  • Contractors working through Employment Agencies also have rights under The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003 – see our guide here