Here’s a nice article about the way you manage your staff – which asks if you are micro-managing your staff? It starts “As a Business Strategy it is important to recognize the differences between managing and micromanaging” – read the full article here.

Micro-ManagingThe article continues with “The urge to micromanage is rarely about knowing more than the people you are managing. It’s about the need for control.”






“Your job, as a manager, is to control the expectations and the environment  – not the worker.”

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The people you employ will be your greatest asset but also your biggest cost. The way you recruit, manage, promote and reward your staff has a direct effect on their productivity and so your own profitability and effectiveness.

A confident, experienced Manager is key to a successful business. Your staff will be the ones who embody your Company’s Mission and Goals. Managers who are inexperienced, ignore policies that are in place for the benefit of the business, fail to learn from their mistakes and set precedents that are not appropriate, may damage the business as it grows, with expensive consequences.

Micro-Managing can be a costly mistake for your business, your self and your employees!